Quilting on the Beach

Do I need to bring a sewing machine?

That’s up to you! While we encourage participants to bring their own machines if possible (because it’s a machine that you know well), we do have sewing machine rental available. Please see the Sewing Machine tab on the Quilting on the Beach home page. You can register to rent a sewing machine for a day or for the whole week as you sign up for classes and events.

Are lodging and transportation included in Quilting on the Beach?

No, we like to focus on providing the highest quality classes and events possible, so we don’t get involved in transportation or lodging. Be sure to book your flight into KOA (Kona International Airport – ask us sometime why we have to mention that), and a Google search will turn up several hotels and vacation rental possibilities in the Kailua Kona area.

What do I do when I arrive at Quilting on the Beach?

When you arrive in Kona for Quilting on the Beach, please stop by Quilt Passions to pick up your Welcome Packet. It will have your name badge, a detailed schedule of events and locations, and other goodies just for you. We will bring the remaining Welcome Packets to the Opening Reception.

What time do the classes start, and how long are they?

Full day and morning half-day classes begin at 9:00 am. Full day classes end at 4:30 pm and morning half-day classes end at 12:00 pm. Afternoon half-day classes begin at 1:30 pm and end at 4:30 pm.

How long is the lunch break?

Lunch break is from 12:00 pm until 1:30 pm.

What should I do about lunch?

There are several great restaurant choices just a short drive from classroom venue, or you can choose to bring your lunch. Small ice chests and brown bags are welcome! While we recommend that you take a break and enjoy lunch, the classrooms will not be closed during the break. You are welcome to come back and keep stitching as soon as you like.

Where are the supply lists?

As supply lists become available from the instructors, they will be posted on the on the Quilting on the Beach Website. Please click on the Supply Lists tab on the home page.

Can I bring/use my own fabric for a class?

That’s a qualified yes. Because so many of our participants travel to come to Quilting on the Beach, we typically prepare kits for each of the classes and include them in the registration total. Also, our kits are highly prepped by our staff or by the instructor to maximize class time (i.e., pieces are pre-cut or pre-quilted, etc.). If you would like to bring/use your own fabric for a class, please contact Karen or Robert for specific fabric requirements and cutting instructions that will need to be completed before class.

Can I add or change classes before or during the event?

Sure! As long as there is space available we would be happy to accommodate you at no charge (except for difference in kit fee, if applicable). Please contact or speak with Karen or Robert to make the change. However, there are no refunds for dropping a class during the event (see cancellation policy). If you need to drop a class, the kit is still yours to keep.

Can I bring a guest to the Show and Tell Dinner and/or on the Bus Tours?

Definitely! Spouses, friends, and family members are more than welcome to join us at the Show and Tell Dinner and on the bus tours, and they frequently do. The price is the same for guests, simply request the total number of tickets at registration.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our teachers and staff put a lot of time into preparing for Quilting on the Beach. Thank you for respecting the following cancellation policy:

Cancellation from date of registration until January 1, 2024:  90% refund

Cancellation between January 1, 2024 and January 22, 2024:  50% refund

Cancellation after January 22, 2024: no refund

If you must cancel but would still like to receive your kits, please let us know and we can do a partial refund on the class fees only and ship your kits to you.

If Quilting on the Beach must cancel a class or event at any time for any reason, you will receive a 100% refund for that class or event.